Simple ways to deal with anxiety: college edition

Mar 21, 2023

At times, your brain behaves like a ping-pong ball machine, constantly firing off worries and concerns about everything from grades to relationships, academic pressure, social isolation, financial stress, and the challenges of transitioning to adulthood. We tend to get anxious fearing the consequences. While it is completely normal to get anxious in certain situations, sometimes it can hinder your mental health and well being. Is it normal to feel this way? Completely not, you should spare your brain from this suffocation!

How? Spilling some cute-tea for you to get through mental and financial anxiety -

Keep an aesthetic Journal. It does wonders!

Journaling is definitely in fashion when it comes to all things trending. Running a fact check - the clout it real. As overrated as it may sound, Journaling comes with a lot of benefits. Be it overwhelming thoughts or situation, rant it out to your Journal and trust the process. It will make sense eventually. Maintaining a journal not only helps you with your emotional baggages but also plays good in sorting your financial troubles.  When you plan your budgets, expenses, income flow, etc and analyse where you spent, stressful financial situations starts to untangle. The more you practice this habit, you learn to set the right goals and prioritise yourself.

Journaling is definitely going down in the list of classic bangers and is a must-try suggestion. Get the one you like, and you will fall in love with it!

Aromatherapy is wow!

The aroma from essential oils or non toxic mildly scented candles can help calm your mind and relax your body. Oils like lavender can help you relax, sandalwood can relive the anxiousness, citrus can be an instant mood lifter and chamomile can help you sleep better.   There are many brands offering amazing range of oils. Research and choose the one which works best for you and go for it!

Romanticise lone walks and Long drives

Spending time with yourself is a medicine for your personal growth. The moment you are ushered with random thoughts or stress, head out for walk or a drive. Being on the move helps you clear your mind, think better and stimulate analytical approach towards stressful situations. If you are an over thinker, take special care when you're spending time with yourself. Focus more on mapping things better and not build overwhelming train of thoughts. Try to understand your boundaries of self introspection and it will help you minimise your anxiety triggers.

And hey! Don't forget to listen to your favourite music, it’s a total serotonin.

Drive purpose in your hobbies

Some hobbies are like superhero capes that give you a sense of purpose and make you feel invincible. Others are like cozy blankets that comforts your worries and relives you from stress. That sense of accomplishment and comfort is supreme.

when you invest your time and money in activities you like, it not only empowers your personal growth but also guide you get through anxiety with an active mind. It helps to shift your focus away from anxious thoughts and acts as a healthy coping mechanism when you're feeling overwhelmed or stressed.

Many hobbies, such as yoga, painting, or gardening, can promote a sense of calm and relaxation. This can help to reduce physical symptoms of anxiety, such as muscle tension or an increased heart rate. Whether it's baking cupcakes or hiking through the forest, there's a hobby out there that's waiting to whisk you away to a world of fun and adventure.

It’s a important to invest on your personal growth, so go ahead and find your own magical potion!

Friend to Friend - You’ve got this bud!

Believe in yourself. Trust yourself a little more. You are not alone in this. Always be there for yourself and never give up. Chant positive affirmations for the win. It’s all about loving and finding your own self! you are amazing buddy!

Things are mostly not as catastrophic as your anxiety thinks they’ll be!

If you get anxious more often and it starts hindering your day to day life, approach for help, it’s completely fine. Seek out help from a professional and not the people you know. Professionals aren’t biased about your thoughts and won’t judge you for expressing your thoughts, they’ll understand better. There are a lot of online platforms to choose from where you can meet good therapists or look for professionals who give offline sessions. research and see what is more comfortable for you and just go for it!  Let someone break the chain for you!

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