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Startup Stories Ft. Pitcheers

Jan 16, 2023
5 mins read

Ever Wondered how startups work? No problem, we got you! Recently, we organised “Startup stories ft. Pitcheers” exclusively for our Paycrunch fam! It was all about pitchers season 2 screening and startup talk sesh with our founder Aman Bhayana. 

What’s the fuel to run a startup? 

“ Entrepreneur banne ke liye spelling nhi spirit Chahiye”

This line from pitchers season 2 says it all. You need two signs to start something of your own, purpose and passion. A purpose to build something for your consumers and solve something for good. A passion to succeed and not give up in between. That’s the spirit of true entrepreneurship. The fun part, you never retire! 

Entrepreneurship doesn’t come with age tags! 

shows like Pitchers give budding entrepreneurs more exposure in terms of what goes behind a successful startup and everything in between! That’s when the idea of “startup stories ft. pitcheers” came to the picture.

With the startup culture growing in India, this event was a way to indulge our tribe in a conversation about how startups work and at the same time start our co- creation journey with them. 

For GenZ by GenZ

“Unlike other brands, PayCrunch is made exclusively for you!” , says Aman Bhayana, founder at PayCrunch. He indulged the entire PC tribe in a casual conversation about startups and our brand. He asked “what do you expect from the brand?”, such that we can offer them exactly what they want! His conversation triggered the fact that the entire credit industry is inclined towards working professionals and the college tribe is completely out of the scene. That’s where PayCrunch bridges the gap and offers credits exclusively for them. 

What was the hook?

One of the reasons to organise Pitcheers was to meet our tribe, get along and understand what they want from the brand. We also wanted to motivate them to start something of their own. We learnt and unlearnt various things from their cool insights. Everything in the house was on the house.

Psst! The party just got started!

Pitcheers was a small trailer of something crazy coming up in 2023! Stay tuned, the bigger picture is yet to come! Till then hang out on our socials and collect clues about what’s coming your way!

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