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Here’s how you can unlock your creditcool journey!

Dec 30, 2022
6 mins read

First things First

Take a pledge!

“ I’ll not cancel anything when it comes to all things fun!!! “

Now, let’s get you started on this fun-filled journey. Gear up to pay for anything and everything using easy crazy credits. Yeah, you can even go for a chai pe charcha with your friends.

Joining our creditverse is as easy as ordering food online!

Step 1:

Enter your email id and create a strong password (just like that bitter gourd juice no one wants)

Waiting for you to just grab n’ go/ 

it's time to grab it/ just grab it!

Step 2:


To increase security, we need to verify your identity. It won’t take much time for sure!

  • Verify your phone number

  • Select your college from the drop down list < enter college email id < enter otp

  • Upload your aadhaar and PAN card

Note - if your college isn’t listed yet, no worries, fill the form and share your details with us!

Voila! You’re an approval away from enjoying easy crazy credits!

Pro tip: Upload clear and genuine pictures, to get faster approvals (we are strictly checking, no bluffs).

Welcome to the  journey of becoming credible, or as we say incredible!

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